About Dale Partridge


President of Relearn, Pastor of King’s Way Church & Bestselling Author

Dale Partridge, President of Relearn.org, occupies a multifaceted role within the realm of Christian leadership. In addition to his pastoral duties at King’s Way Church in Prescott, Arizona, where he provides spiritual guidance and support to congregants, Dale has pursued academic enrichment by obtaining a Graduate Certificate from Western Seminary. This combination of pastoral ministry and theological education underscores his commitment to both the practical and scholarly aspects of Christian service, enabling him to offer a well-rounded approach to ministry.

Moreover, Dale Partridge is recognized for his contributions to Christian literature, with several notable works to his name. His authored books, including “The Manliness of Christ,” “A Cover For Glory,” and the widely acclaimed children’s book “Jesus and My Gender,” reflect his deep insights into various aspects of faith and Christian living. Beyond the written word, Dale extends his influence through the medium of podcasts, where he engages audiences with thought-provoking discussions and insights on real-life Christianity through his popular shows, the Real Christianity podcast and the Welcome Home podcast. This multifaceted engagement underscores his dedication to fostering meaningful conversations and promoting spiritual growth within the Christian community.

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