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Pastoral Ministry Can Be Difficult

Fueling Christ’s Mission Through Ministerial Support

Navigating the complexities of pastoring and Christian ministry can often feel like an arduous journey, one fraught with challenges and loneliness. Without a supportive community of fellow ministers, the path can become increasingly difficult to traverse. Every minister, regardless of their role, requires immediate connections within their local church—whether with other elders or strong men in the congregation. However, the option to go it alone has proven to be isolating and overwhelming, often leading men to the brink of collapse.

Recognizing this pressing need for support and camaraderie among ministers, Reformation Fellowship was established as a beacon of hope and Christian fraternity. At its core, the Fellowship aims to keep graduates connected relationally, offering a lifeline of encouragement and prayer when needed most. Central to its mission is the belief that brotherhood is an invaluable piece of ministry—a community where pastors, elders, missionaries, deacons, and faithful churchmen alike can share the trials of ministry and find support in each other’s counsel.

Moreover, Reformation Fellowship serves as more than just a gathering of like-minded individuals—it is a sanctuary of prayer and intercession. Within this community, men are encouraged to share needs and foster a culture of mutual support and wisdom. In this shared journey, the bonds forged through fellowship and prayer serve as pillars of strength, equipping ministers to uphold their calling and continue advancing the kingdom of God.

Founded by
Dale Partridge

After completing his Graduate Studies Certificate at Western Seminary, Mr. Partridge, with the help of Dr. Jason Barker, founded Reformation Seminary and Reformation Fellowship.

Dale's Church

About Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge, initially from the business industry, devoted much of his adult life to constructing institutions with a Christian foundation. However, in 2016, he felt a calling to the pulpit. Regular preaching at his local church encouraged him to pursue teaching further. In 2017, Dale sold his remaining business interests to enter full-time ministry, founding a house church in Bend, Oregon. Pastor Partridge then completed his Graduate Studies Certificate in theology at Western Seminary and enrolled in further ecclesiastical studies at various other institutions. In 2019, alongside Dr. Jason Barker, he initiated a one-year seminary program tailored for men without the time and finances for traditional seminary training. This program’s rapid success laid the groundwork for Reformation Seminary and Reformation Fellowship.

In 2020, Dale faced a severe bout of suffering due to chronic illness, nearly losing his life in 2021. Seeking better treatment, his wife and children relocated to Arizona. Through God’s grace, Dale’s health improved significantly, leading him to establish another church in his home in late 2021. Taking a gradual approach, by 2023, the church elders opted to transition the house church into what is now known as King’s Way Church in Prescott, Arizona. As a full-time teaching pastor, Dale comprehends the challenges of ministry, particularly when compounded by personal trials. Recognizing this, Dale Partridge and Dr. Jason Barker deemed it crucial to launch a community for the graduates of their seminary.

Ultimately, Dale’s journey from the business world to ministry, marked by personal trials and divine guidance, underscores the importance of support and community in pastoral endeavors. His commitment to equipping aspiring ministers through accessible education and fostering fellowship among seminary graduates reflects a deep understanding of the challenges and rewards of Christian ministry.

A Ministry Extension of Reformation Seminary

Each pastor within Reformation Fellowship has successfully completed a one-year, graduate-level program in theology at our affiliated institution, Reformation Seminary. While some pastors have pursued further education and obtained Master’s Degrees from other institutions, the foundational training is consistent across all members.

Furthermore, graduates who seek ordination within their local church or denomination receive acknowledgment from the Seminary’s faculty and benefit from the supportive accountability provided by Reformation Fellowship.

Reformation Seminary, along with the churches its graduates serve, has witnessed significant growth with nearly 100 alumni. While the majority of these individuals are based in the United States, we also count several students hailing from Canada, Australia, and various parts of Europe.

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We are a network of confessionally reformed pastors, elders, and churchmen

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